Sober Sources Network is here to provide you with the most informative information when it comes to recovery and the nature of addiction. We hope you will find what you are looking for, be it for yourself or a friend or loved one. Please know help is available. People do get clean and sober. People do live a healthy lifestyle once they find a means of support that works for them. There are many avenues of support in recovery. Sober Sources is here to help you find your right path. Addiction is a frightening, frustrating, and very real disease.

Drugs or alcohol may be likened to a director who calls out how the actors and actresses (the users) should act, and most of the time, the actions are negative and destructive. The behavior of the user not only results to self destruction but also negatively affects the actions, feelings and thoughts of the people around the user, most especially the family. What to expect when getting yourself, your child or loved one clean and sober? Well stick around, help is only a click away!

From 2003 to 2014 Sober Sources had over 135 websites in the network. However, it's time to simplify things and provide my visitors a quick stop place to acquire information, stay up to date on new happenings and events in recovery and provide resources and support info on addiction with quick ease. So please keep coming back while we transition down to a more manageable and simple us. Thanks for stopping by please check out our Facebook page while we revamp Sober Sources to an updated platform. For immediate questions or information please email [email protected]