Who We Are | SoberSources.com

It's hard to know where to turn for help when you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol, drugs or mental health concerns. Sober Sources was founded because we've been there ourselves. We are experts and professionals about addiction and recovery. We have traveled the road to recovery before you and we understand just how daunting, difficult, and disheartening it can be to find the best information, support and treatment.

Extending The Hand

We can and are successful at connecting those in need of support and recovery services and have a plethora of places within the network where information is provided on addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Looking for help for yourself, the teenager in your life, or your spouse or friend? You'll find it here. Our groundbreaking and now archived Sober Teens online forum was launched in 2005 and our acclaimed adult forum, The Sober Village, quickly followed in 2006. But they were just the beginning. Since then, other informational websites and other resources have been added to our growing recovery network. From finding the coping skills needed to deal with a loved one to connecting with people that are dealing with the same situation as you, help is just a click away! Throughout the years, the website has evolved into a nationwide locator service that helps addicts and families find medication-assisted treatment facilities in the U.S. All of the drug rehabs listed in our directory use methadone as part of their treatment plan, and many use suboxone (an alternative) as well.

Addiction Is Our Business

The Sober Sources Network connects people and companies in the addiction field. It's a hub of resources and established domains. We are selective about our affiliations and remain constant to those service providers in the recovery industry. Our advertising options are among the most affordable and valued in the industry. Your business ads will be targeted directly to the audiences most in need of your specific services. Whether you are in the business of providing mental health, substance abuse recovery, detoxification centers, or a community resource center, your ads will be well served with a Sober Sources Network Listing. Virtual any recovery-related business in need of clients will benefit.

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