Find a Methadone Clinic Near You

Find Methadone Clinics Near You

Battling addiction is a tough fight, but with the right resources, getting back on the path to sobriety is within reach. There are plenty of support groups, counselors, and drug rehabilitation treatment centers to choose from for those who are looking for a fresh start. Start by browsing our directory of all Methadone clinics in the U.S. Understanding which clinics and who to talk to for help is the first step. If you are looking for more information about methadone clinics near you, or if you're looking for alternative medication-assisted treatment such as clinics that use suboxone, we can help.

Why do Methadone Clinics Use Methadone?

Methadone is an opioid drug that is only available as a prescription and under close monitoring by a medical professional. Methadone is a narcotic and considered a controlled substance. It is available in several forms such as an oral solution, a tablet, an oral concentrate solution, an oral dispersible tablet, and in IV form. The most common brand name of this drug is Dolophine and Methadose, though it is also available as a generic prescription drug.

Methadone is used to help manage pain as well as to help treat those who are addicted to stronger forms of opioids. When used for pain, it reduces the amount of pain you feel by dulling the pain receptors in your body. It is used for pain relief only as a last resort when other short-term pain medications are not effective or can’t be tolerated by the body. When used as a treatment for addiction, it helps by making detox and withdrawal less severe.

Is Treatment with Methadone and Suboxone Effective?

When methadone or suboxone are used for addiction treatment, it is important for it to be paired with other forms of treatment. Both methadone and suboxone are opioids, which means that it is also possible to abuse or become dependent on the drugs. Due to the controlled nature of each substance, it can only be given in a controlled setting by a licensed medical professional.

Methadone and suboxone have proven to be helpful in reducing the withdrawal symptoms that come from long term or serious addiction to opioids. Methadone/Suboxone maintenance clinics are certified opioid treatment programs that allow medical professionals to observe, adjust, and treat those who are battling addiction. Because the drugs are habit-forming, they are most effective when paired with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Why Should You Consider MAT at a Methadone Clinic Near You?

Methadone is sometimes appropriate for those looking to break their addiction to certain opioids such as individuals addicted to harder drugs such as heroin. Withdrawing from opioids can create unbearable physical symptoms paired with traumatic mental stress that often causes a rapid relapse. Local methadone rehab clinics offer medical supervision while patients start their initial detox and as they continue their rehabilitation with the support of regular doses of methadone.

Because methadone treatment also has the chance of becoming its own form of addiction, comprehensive care provided by a methadone clinic is always needed. MAT programs that use methadone as part of the recovery process help patients by working on both the physical addiction as well as underlying mental and emotional causes of the addiction. Methadone clinics and specialized care are combined to create an environment that reduces the risks that come from stopping the use of illicit opioids.